Protein Bars, Balls & Bites Contract Manufacturing - YouBar Manufacturing Complete contract manufacturing of cutting edge protein bars and other types of nutritional products for leading brands, entrepreneurs and influencers. Our extensive certifications make it easy for stores to navigate the compliance process of bringing their products to market fast. Need a project or customer quotation? However, some may be crispy or crunchy instead. Energy bars can have specific nutritional benefits as well. Address1140 S Washtenaw Ave, Chicago IL, 60612. Production capacity and fulfilment abilities. Nutrition Bars private label is a much easier and simple way accordingly for better sales and creating brand awareness. Protein bar producer - Private label, development, manufacturing For more information please see our Print & Design page or Contact Us for further help. Element Bars is devoted to creating a bar that meets not only your taste and texture preferences, but also your desired nutritional profile. Granola bars offer a proportioned and convenient intake format. Our team verifies your packaging design and type before starting production. Rest assured, all of our organic producers are backed with the relevant documentation. We specialize in premium private label and custom co-packing, tailored to fit your needs. To learn more about how we can help you create the health bars that you want, please contact us. Nutrition Bars private label is a much easier and simple way accordingly for better sales and creating brand awareness. Element Bars was very open to discussing my ideas and testing it out with minimal cost compared to other manufacturers. Your own label - AmerPharma Company Registration Number: 06450521Nutrition Group Plc, registered in England and Wales under company number 06450521, Privacy PolicyCookie PolicyHealth & Safety, 2021 Nutrition Group PLC. We keep up to date with the latest healthy snack trends from around the world, where we are able to translate those trends into nished product solutions for you. Nutri-Nation - Private Label Energy Bars Manufacturing 25 reviews. These are the main types of bars that our manufacturing teams can create. 3 Amy Johnson Court, Amy Johnson Way, For more adventurous palates, garnish your energy bar with blueberries and cranberries and add a touch of lemon to give it a light tang PE29 6SR, Raw 3. Save 6. Plant-Based Chocolate and Banana Protein Bar. Nutrition Bars Private Label refers to private labelling or manufacturing your own customized bars. Fusion Targeted Nutrition | UK manufacturer of customised private labe Baker's Treat: this brand deals with small sweet treats, like Swiss cake rolls, mini-muffins, and nutty bars. We have run many runs with Superior and as with all manufacturing, there was an order that was a little late because of poor crop growth. Protein bars are popular with bodybuilders, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and busy people who want to boost their protein intake. Our experts can advise you with anything from packaging to flavors and mouthfeel. Relax!, We offer a wide range of healthcare and sports supplements either in bulk or fully labeled to match your business or brand. Our process is streamlined to offer you greater efficiency and simplicity. Indeed, private label sales are projected to grow more than twice as fast as other grocery sales over the next two years, with big companies like Trader Joe's, Target ("Archer Farms"), Kroger and Whole Foods ("365") leading the way. As private labelling costs less as compared to that of manufacturing itself. We also offer, upon request, multiple claims such as organic, vegan or kosher. Bauhn: an Australian-based, Aldi-owned subsidiary specializing in certain electronics, including headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and even TVs. Our private label protein bars are convenient and affordable. We go beyond the term "Private Label" by combining our expertise in nutrition with decades of industry experience and market understanding. Today, these are some of the main concerns that companies have when they are looking for a health bar manufacturer: With our broad supply chain, we can source regular, organic and specialty ingredients in a timely manner. Lancashire We develop and manufacture cutting-edge protein bars. For example, these are some special types of products that people may request: If you have questions about a specific type of product, one of our customer support staff will be happy to assist you. With your perfect packaging, you can start reselling your bars. There comes a big difference between creating your own bar with the customization and private labelling an existing recipe by the manufacturers. The minimum order quantities are variable depending on which exact specification of bar you'd prefer, however, these quantities can be as low as 15,000 bars. There was nobody else in the country that was willing to help us that we called until we found superior. YouBar - Protein Bar Co-Manufacturing, Development, and Private Label Our previous manufacturer was 3 months late on a production and barely spoke with us. Quorn House, Comet Way, Hermitage Industrial Estate, Coalville, Leicestershire, LE67 3FS, Click to view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The door is always open for you to come visit us and see our bakery! People also eat them for breakfast to help jump-start the workday with a boost of energy, and others like them for snacks when they are tired. High protein bars and bites Duo Pack bars Single dough bars and bites Multi-layer bars and bites Weight management bars and bites Energy bars and Bites Meal replacement bars and bites Double layer dough bars Soft centre lled bars and bites. However, we go beyond what other protein bar producers can offer to include a choice of different textures. We provide you with a dedicated account representative. These are some of the important points to know about protein bars: Energy bars are popular with athletes. I would highly recommend this team. Triple H Foods One of the largest private label and co-packers on the west coast. Thanks Food Connections! 201/7, 2nd floor, New Vardhman Market, West Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034, 201/7, 2nd floor, New Vardhman Market, West Enclave, Pitam Pura, Delhi-110034, Nutrition Bars Private Label Protein Bars & Energy Bars, Testosterone boosters and muscles mass relation. Breakfast bars can include nutrients from multiple food groups. Protein Bar - Nutrition Group PROTEIN BARS At Nutrition Group PLC we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Take advantage of our extensive certifications to bring your idea to the market. For more information contact us today. Energy bars are quick and simple energy solutions. We are SALSA Accredited and Organic Certified with Soil Association. These are a few important aspects of functional and nutraceutical bars: If you have a targeted purpose that a bar should achieve, this is the right category. If a customer likes your product, the customer will be purchasing the product with your brand name on it and brand loyalty will be built. If you need a turnkey private label protein bar manufacturer to handle your health bar manufacturing needs, we can help. We offer full service nutraceutical supply, specialising in bulk, white or private label manufactured products, exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. We focus on rigorous quality control practices and fast turnaround to provide you with unparalleled customer service and a tasty bar that will satisfy your customers. Protein bar private label manufacturer Europe | Newon Food Powered by Shopify, SPRING PROMO - 25% OFF ON VARIOUS PRODUCTS! These nutritional supplements in the form of everyday snacks, like the protein bar, are an easy way to get customers to begin their daily supplementation with your brand. Our private label protein bars have been incredibly successful in the UK and Overseas following the huge increase in demand for on-the-go, convenient products. Dropship protein supplements | Specialist Supplements Ltd Private Label Nutrition Bars - ElementBars Protein Bar Manufacturers // Private Label Nutritional Bars - SSMfg Since 2001, we have produced hundreds of unique and flavourful bars for large companies and entrepreneurs. We assist you throughout the entire production process of your personalized bar, from its creation to its marketing. We can ship you products direct into Amazons warehousing system. Once your goods are sent and accepted at Amazon, they are normally available to your Amazon customers within 48 hours. For example, you may want to create a bar that supports immune health. Bringing your products to market isn't easy, you may have a great high quality product, but what about the presentation of the product and its packaging. more about your bar Where and how is your bar made UK low priced delivery, Pallet delivery available for larger items, Worldwide Shipping, call us for a quote. Tekmar Bars | Private Label Bar Manufacturer At Private Label Nutrition we can take the hassle out of getting your goods to one of the largest online e-commerce sales and distributors. If you need special certifications, such as Kosher, the facilities uphold proper procedures certification standards. Diet bars are popular with people who want to lose weight. Snack bars and health bars include granola, breakfast, protein and many other types of bars. We work with a plethora of protein bar contract manufacturers which gives us the flexibility to match an innovative product to your budget and timescale. These are some of the benefits of these bars: Meal replacement bars are especially popular for older adults. Our private label protein bars are made in a host of different factories, each with their own speciality of taste, texture and different additive flavours. We work with you through every step of the process and keep you informed. Vantage Park, Get the best Nutrition Bars private label by Swasthum with the best quality ingredients and R&D. Whey Protein Isolate is the premium product which fetches a premium price. Jake, Justine and Phil are just a few of the team members we have had the pleasure of working with at Superior. Private Label Protein Bar Manufacturers If you need a turnkey private label protein bar manufacturer to handle your health bar manufacturing needs, we can help. The packaging design is up to you. Please take a look Here for more information. 300 cartons (Min. Our testing, blending, dispensary and packaging are all done on site within our cleanroom facilities. As a manufacturer of high-class protein products and supplements we accompany your product development process from the initial idea to the ready-packaged protein powder or protein bar. With over thirty years of product development experience behind us, we are able to create products that satisfy a range of specific diets and meet all kinds of nutritional needs. Element Bars - Wholesale and Private Label Custom Energy Bars Protein & Sports Products Meeting Your Needs We understand that active lifestyle and healthy eating requirements are often numerous and varied. These are the main options: Baked bars are ideal for meal replacement or snacking purposes, and they may include fruit filling or another type of filling. As a marketing agency working in the supplement industry, we work with many suppliers on behalf of our clients. Protein bars manufacturer | Private label | yourbarfactory Your expert in allergen-free products Bars and gels Contact us yourbarfactory Your Customized, Allergen-Free Bar Maker Since 2001, we have produced hundreds of unique and flavourful bars for large companies and entrepreneurs. Weve been developing healthy and nutritional baked goods for over thirty years. ", "Superior is one of the few companies we've worked with that answer their phone every time and provide truly superior customer service and value. A UK Contract Manufacturer, founded in 2014, a UK fully integrated contract manufacturer of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements & Powders. Finishing, packaging and final inspection of the bars. We deliver great-tasting vegan protein bars, free-from any additives such as lactose or animal products. Our nutritionists know how to create the perfect blend of high-quality ingredients. Available in 8 different flavours and toppings, these ambient, individually wrapped muffins are shelf-ready and sure to please. Backed by decades of product development knowledge and experience, we design and develop a diverse range of nutritional and functional active lifestyle products for companies across the UK, Europe and beyond. 19.99 35.99. You can always change your preferences later. However, we work with experienced researchers and developers who can create tasty bars that balance texture, nutrients and flavors to create high-quality results. We hope to have a long relationship with you.". Meal Replacement Bars Ensures a healthy combination of protein, calories, vitamins and fats. All our products are made and packaged in our state of the art UK factory. Discover all kinds of expertly formulated flavours in our ambient, individually wrapped flapjack range. We have since the start developed the company to be a flexible subcontractor for our customers. Our plant is BRC and LEED certified. Best all-natural protein bar: Boost Ball coconut fudge cake, 15.99 Best high-protein bar: MyProtein chocolate & cookie dough lean protein bar, 12.64 Best high-calorie option to fuel exercise: 33 Fuel eroica natural protein bars, 24.99 Best caramel protein bar: Grenade Carb Killa chocolate chip salted caramel protein bar, 34.20 Granola bars offer plenty of innovative flavor mixture potential. My particular favourite is your Bakewell flapjack it is amazing, the best I've ever tasted as well as your muffins they're beautiful. Although protein bars have complex recipes, they can be designed to taste good. We have a passion for real, natural and healthy foods and only use the best ingredients available. Functional bars usually require expert design to achieve a desirable flavor. They have a brand-new state-of-the-art bar production facility that will certainly impress you if you get the chance to visit! It is and always will be FREE of charge. Working with multiple contract manufacturers and packers across the globe, we integrate with processes and ensure we are able . Private Label Nutrition A UK Contract Manufacturer, founded in 2014, a UK fully integrated contract manufacturer of Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements & Powders. Custom Oem Wholesale Bulk Private Label Protein Bar High Nutrition Pure Organic Vegan Protein Bars. These factories all have different minimum order quantities, so please enquire on our "Contact Us" page. If you can imagine a flavour and texture of a bar, we can endeavour to deliver it. Not only did they warn us ahead of time they showed us the list of suppliers they were calling day and night to try to find replacement material. With our in-house nutritional expertise and knowledge of flavours and ingredients, we create healthy bars that deliver nutritional profiles optimised for everything from restoring muscle to losing weight. order) CN Guangdong Wingoo Anime Foods Corporation Ltd. 2YRS. Protein Bars | Cheap Protein Bars | Discount Supplements If you have special requests, we can help. Granola bars make great snacks for people of all ages. Protein Bar - Nutrition Group We create and develop outstanding unique new products, ready for our clients to take to market. Breakfast bars can include vitamins, fiber or other healthy additions. While Protein Bars Private Label or Energy Bars Private Label simply refers to private labelling of the existing bars created by the manufacturers. Will it attract your intended target audience, will it reflect the quality of your product, how will it looked stacked on a shelf? Yourbarfactory, manufacturer and co-packer of protein bars, can help you develop your own protein bar. We can source plant protein in order to create not only a vegan bar but also organic bars. We offer a variety of certification choices. We notify you as soon as they are sent. All rights reserved. Snack & Nutrition Bars, Plant-Based Bars, Fruit & Nut Bars Combines low carb & calories, low to no sugar, and high fiber with great taste. Weve been using Superior for over 5 years. We offer full service nutraceutical supply, specialising in bulk, white or private label manufactured products, exporting to over 30 countries worldwide. High Protein. With a large supply chain and multiple production facilities across the United States, we can handle all levels of needs. FY4 2RP Product quality is a top priority for us, when sourcing our ingredients and formulating and manufacturing our products. From 0.03 per capsule our bulk buy supplements are the most cost effective option for most buisnesses. Whether its Protein Bars Private Label orEnergy Bars Private Label. LEARN MORE. Design your own protein bar from a wide selection of ingredients yourbarfactory can coat your bar with a tasty layer of chocolate that is sure to delight even the most demanding gourmets. Business partners like yourbarfactory are really hard to find: they are customer-oriented and entrepreneurial. We bring experience, resources and talent to our business to create bespoke innovative products and bring them to life ready for the millions of customers wanting healthy on-the-go . Our belief in collaboration and quality means that we not only achieve our client's aims but consistently exceed their expectations. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of healthy snack bar choices. Nutrition Bars are one of a healthy kind. Private label bakery for cookies, bars & bites - So, private packaging along with Nutrition Bars private label is necessary for brand recognition. Extruded 5.. Co-Packers, Contract Packagers, and Private Labelers - Claytowne Private Label Energy Bars - General Super Foods We love working with innovative partners who are looking for high growth opportunities and who need suppliers with the capabilities of quick scale up. We have grown as a food bar manufacturer alongside our wholesale co-packing partners and we are committed to creating a product that supports your vision for a bar brand. Explore our range of deliciously moist and moreish handmade muffins. Avail the best packaging services including customized packets, and wraps. Of over 100 companies on our NSF list that we called, and over 20 that we talked to, Superior was the ONLY one that consistently answered their phones, worked incredibly diligently to problem solve and R&D an incredibly complex patented proprietary product, and consistently was two or three steps ahead of us, the landscape and their competitors. As the world's expert private label bakery, we've been baking hundreds of types of cookies, bars and bites for brands all over the world. Private Label Protein Bars - Alibaba United Kingdom. All our packaging has full ingredients and supplement breakdowns in line with UK law. 160 rue Blanger, Chteauguay, Quebec, Canada, J6J 4Z2. Huntingdon, Design your own protein bar | yourbarfactory Opening an account with us is very quick and simple and there are no credit checks required. Protein shake formulas are great opportunities to be innovative and to match the nutritional needs of your target market. Nutraceutical bars are designed to support certain health or nutritional purposes. Bites often range in size from 5 grams to a mini bar of 25 grams. Buy large volumes of our best selling supplements, ideal for small, medium and large businesses alike. We will find all the ingredients for your success by targeting your most precise needs. Healthy Bars We create, develop, and deliver deliciously tasting high protein bars, optimised for a variety of tasks, from repairing and building muscle to lowering carbohydrate intake and supporting weight loss. Protein bar private label manufacturer Europe | Newon Food Private Label Bars adsLet's take food forward See how Keto bar Low Sugar High Protein Bar Fruit and Nut Bar We manufacture private label bars Private Label bar manufacturers Learn more Sign up for a newsletter get the latest updates and product developments With over thirty years of product development experience behind us, we are able to create products that satisfy a range of specific diets and meet all kinds of nutritional needs. With better private labelling, a company can build its own brand loyalty additionally. If you are looking for a multiple choice of PROTEIN BARS or you want to make your own PRIVATE LABEL protein bar, this is the place where you have to be. Customised Food Powders Sports Nutrition & Supplements Book A Development Session Here >>> Sample Request Products Flavours Tel: 01767680672 Contact Us Minimum Orders Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 GMT Home: or want to place your order? why not contact us or use the Contact Form . I get given one as part of a lunch provided when I volunteer as a marshal for mountain bike events. Certifications vary by facility. Simply Click the Link "Create Account" at the top left of the page , follow the instructions, once submitted we generally process account applications within a few hours. If you're looking for some ideas for your bar recipe, this is a great place to start. Labels came out perfect and look great on the bottles! If you want to put a certain quantity of wrapped bars into a box, we can source both wrappers and boxes. They understand that our collective success will continue to come from innovation, new natural ingredient solutions and continuous improvement of recipes and production methods. +44(0)1480 496888 Our business development team will review and get back in contact with you promptly. Private Label Protein Bar Manufacturing | YouBar - YouBar Manufacturing We enable our clients, including national supermarket chains, to offer private label, own-branded protein bars to their customers and monetize this fast-growing market sector. We help you all the way from idea to finishes product. Bars Production is a private label supplier and our major focus is product development and production of protein bars. Private label is a new and interesting way of earning good profits. Cambs, They go to extreme measures to ensure quality ingredients, fair pricing and great turn around times. Nutrition Group is able to formulate and manufacture protein bar products to customer specification. Best Post Workout Bodybuilding Supplement for Muscle Recovery, CONTRACT MANUFACTURING | NUTRITIONAL & PLANT BASED SUPPLEMENTS, The easiest way to Launch A new product on Amazon | Private Label. Luckily, I found Superior. Rest assured that all products go through multiple quality control steps, and the ingredients are also checked to ensure high quality. Thank you Justine, Phil, Stephenie you are the best! Health, Protein & Sports Bar Manufacturers Food Connections We're happy to help local sport by supporting The St Ives Boxing Academy, Regulatory, Brand Design and Nutritional Support. Production procedures and quality control measures. We can provide crunchy, layered, nut infused and caramel centred protein bars. This means that we can adapt to and work with your requirements to create your ideal healthy lifestyle product. I just wanted to compliment you all on producing some excellent baked goods! Your own-branded protein bar isn't as far-fetched as one might think. $0.85-$1.50 / carton. We are a contract manufacturer of private label functional food products specializing in energy bars, sports nutrition bars, diet & weight management bars, as well as, whole food & organic bars. We provide customer support that is second to none. By using a range of ingredient sources in the optimal quantities, our nutritionists can formulate a delicious bar that is low in sugar and big on performance. With our multi-facility production capacity, we can accommodate your current needs and future growth. Wholesale Inquiries |
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